SEO mistakes that are making you look like a fraud

Let’s discuss SEO mistakes that are making you look like a fraud that will severely hold back your earnings and your Google rankings. And once you make this mistake, it’s really hard to back out of it. You pretty much need to live with it. My name is Mian Ahsan Raza, and I’ve made a ton of errors over the years when it comes to ranking websites through my various SEO companies. And this particular issue has cost me thousands of dollars.

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SEO Mistakes: Don’t rank your homepage

SEO Mistakes Don't rank your homepage - Tech Donor

The problem is when you try to rank your website’s homepage, what do I mean by that? I mean, when you do keyword research and optimize your homepage for keywords you wanna rank for, For example, if you were trying to make a website in the golfing niche, I’m saying do not. Absolutely. Do not try to optimize your homepage for anything whatsoever. I’ve made this mistake before in the ketogenic diet niche and tried ranking the homepage for keywords like Best ketogenic supplement and it worked. People also search and buy organic traffic. Re-ranked number one for it, but still, like I said before, it cost me thousands and thousands of dollars. And in this unique blog post, I’ll explain why.

Avoiding Homepage SEO Challenges for Niche Success

SEO mistakes that are making you look like a fraud - Tech Donor

The first reason you shouldn’t rank your homepage is because it limits you and prevents you from expanding into other niches. Let’s say you decided to get into the home improvement niche, but you got stoned one day and thought it’d be good to rank your homepage for a keyword like best tables saw. Well, that’s all fine and dandy and I’m sure you’ll have an easy time ranking for that keyword since you’re targeting it on your homepage. But what happens when you wanna branch into Belt Sanders? What a website visitor even thinks It’s a possibility that your tables saw site is gonna have guides on Belt Sanders.

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SEO mistakes that are making you look like a fraud: Interlinking

SEO mistakes that are making you look like a fraud: Interlinking - Tech Donor

The second reason ranking your homepage is a bad idea is because it’s gonna severely mess up your ability to implement one of the most important SEO tactics there is, and that’s interlinking to established topical relevance. Let me illustrate what topical relevance is through an example. Let’s say you have an outdoor sports site that has written a hundred articles on surfing, and Google ranks you for anything you want to regarding the sport.

Outreach Link building is more difficult. Let’s say you own a home improvement site and someone sends you an outreach email asking for a backlink to their site.

The Role of Outreach Link Building in SEO Challenges - Tech Donor

You being a responsible website owner decide to check out that site and ask for a link. Which site are you more likely to link to this site? Who monetizes their homepage to rank for best table saws or this site that is? Pretty much the same type of site, but it just looks a billion times more trustworthy because of the design of its homepage. Just work organically and don’t buy organic traffic related services or website optimization st. joseph mo etc.

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SEO Case Studies: Ensure your site is easier to sell

SEO Case Studies: Ensure your site is easier to sell - Tech Donor

The fourth reason you shouldn’t rank your homepage is that it makes Ensuring your site is easier to sell your site much more difficult to sell. This relates to reason number one, your limited expandability into other niches. If you should ever decide to sell your website, bear in mind there are two main factors that buyers look at when evaluating whether they want to buy your business or not:

  • Risk: If you’ve hamstrung your expandability by putting niche content on your homepage, buyers are gonna recognize that and not pay as much for your business.
  • Upside: By not ranking your homepage, you retain the flexibility to tailor it to different niches, increasing the potential for growth and attracting a wider range of buyers.
Rank your homepage - Tech Donor

Ranking Hompage SEO Challenges

Now, as mentioned before, there’s a rare exception when you want to rank your homepage. When you Google your main keyword and there are a bunch of websites on page one ranking their homepage, then you want to do the same thing as here with the keyword landscaping amc la jolla.

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landscaping amc la jolla - Tech Donor

Designing an Effective Homepage

So we talked a lot about why ranking your homepage is a bad idea, and we talked a lot about this portal concept and how it’s superior. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of how to design a proper portal page.

How to create a high-converting homepage

The first goal of how to create a high-converting homepage is to establish credibility for the reader. You wanna be able to ensure the reader that they’ve landed on a trustworthy internet destination.

How to create a high-converting homepage - Tech Donor

Trust me to do this above the fold, you could do something like I’ve done here making an As featured in a strip that highlights some of the biggest publications your site has been on.

Homepage Conversion Rate Optimization

The second goal of your homepage conversion rate optimization is to get them to click something. Anything you want get them off your homepage and onto another page on your site. The longer people stay on your website and navigate around it, the better signal it gives to Google that your website is good.

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Homepage Template Case Study

Let’s take a look at the homepage template from a case study called Project Cash Flow.

homepage template from a case study called Project Cash Flow.

Up here at the top, There are big graphical buttons that will lead people to the wide categories that my website covers.

Internal linking for SEO impact

The other criteria I’m looking for are articles that are super important for me to rank. I touched upon this before, but getting a link from your homepage to an internal article gives a huge SEO boost to that article.

Conclusion of SEO mistakes that are making you look like a fraud

So, in conclusion, SEO mistakes that are making you look like a fraud, ranking your homepage may seem like a tempting strategy, but it can come with several drawbacks that limit your website’s potential. By treating your homepage as a portal and following the design principles outlined here, you can create a more effective and user-friendly website that not only ranks well but also maximizes user engagement and trust another way there are a lot of services available on the internet. For Example, website optimization service, google penalty recovery services, and google penalty recovery etc. Don’t waste your time to dive into these kind of services.

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