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Welcome to Tech Donor, our platform covers a wide range, from cutting-edge developments to improvements, and explanations of technology.

At Tech Donor, we pride ourselves on providing cutting-edge insights and analysis to those with a natural interest in technology. Our dedication to delivering excellent journalism guarantees that our readers get the most recent and pertinent information. Connect with us through this blog site, as well as our high ranking in social media and on our YouTube channel.

Mian Ahsan Raza, Admin Tech Donor

My name is Mian Ahsan Raza and content creation is my passion. I have been working on Blogger and WordPress since 2018, and enjoy writing easy-to-understand articles for my tech donor website and spreading the word through interesting video tutorials on our YouTube channel and also an NFT creator on OpenSea. I am excited to participate in this project and explore the wide world of technology with my engaged community.

My primary means of expression are interactive videos, creating NFTs, and written essays, which are dynamic media. Through writing and decoding the tech, I explore different sides of technology, demystifying difficult ideas and making them understandable to a wide audience. I do this in an effort to arm readers with information to help them better understand the technology landscape.

Most Popular NFT Collection – Cato Collectibles


Most Popular NFT Collection – Cato Collectibles

Cato, was once a domestic cat, One day, a snake came and eat Cato’s family. Cato was away on another planet for work during that time. When Cato came back home, he discovered that many other houses were also taken over by the same snake. Feeling like a victim, Cato decides to defend his planet by hunting and getting rid of the evil snake, so that there can be peace on Cato’s planet.

Tech Donor YouTube Channel

I started my YouTube channel on December 23, 2017, with the express purpose of demystifying technology through approachable material. We’ve thousands of subscribers, which speaks something about how engaging we are. Our goal is to make complex tech concepts understandable to everyone.

I upload new videos every day covering a wide range of topics out of passion. These cover topics including blogging, step-by-step tutorials, digital marketing, make money online, and much more. Thorough tutorials, and advice.

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